The early years The History of Our Foundation

The early years1912-1925

The early years

Professor Takasaburou Goto establishes the first school of electricity in the Chubu region to meet Japan’s growing need for electrical engineers.

  • Electrical
    Nagoya Training School of Electricity
  • Foundation
    Nagoya Denki Educational Foundation
  • High school
    Aichi Institute of Technology Meiden High School
  • Junior high school
    Aichi Institute of Technology Meiden Junior High School
  • Junior college
    Junior College of Aichi Institute of Technology
  • University
    Aichi Institute of Technology
  • Vocational college
    Aichi Institute of Technology Communications and Electronics
  • JulElectrical
    Founding of Nagoya Training School of Electricity announced.
    Founder: Takasaburo Goto
  • DecElectrical
    Classes start at Nagoya Training School of Electricity.
    Master:Takasaburo Goto (Founder)
  • AprElectrical
    Three-year curriculum term established (two-year preparatory program and one-year regular program) in accordance with revised school regulations, day and night school classes established.
    Principal (1st) Soutato Inaba
  • OctElectrical
    School flag constituted. (manufactured by Ito Gofuku, forerunner of Matsuzakaya)
  • SepElectrical
    High school program (six-month term) created to follow the regular program.
  • JunElectrical
    School moved from Gonokiri Yaba-cho to 3-3 Shinsakae-machi in Naka-ku, Nagoya (to the southwest of the modern-day Chubu Electric Power headquarters). Site and building purchased from the old national communications training school.
  • JanElectrical
    Nagoya Training School of Electricity renamed Nagoya Electricity School.
    Principal (2nd) Takasaburo Goto
  • JanElectrical
    Founder and headmaster Takasaburou Goto passes away (January 30) and is succeeded by Koji Goto
  • AprElectrical
    Principal (3rd) Hanshiro Yagi