Laying the groundwork The History of Our Foundation

Laying the groundwork1925–1945

Laying the groundwork

Takasaburou’s son Koji builds a school in Wakamizu, laying the foundation for a superior learning environment.

  • Electrical
    Nagoya Training School of Electricity
  • Foundation
    Nagoya Denki Educational Foundation
  • High school
    Aichi Institute of Technology Meiden High School
  • Junior high school
    Aichi Institute of Technology Meiden Junior High School
  • Junior college
    Junior College of Aichi Institute of Technology
  • University
    Aichi Institute of Technology
  • Vocational college
    Aichi Institute of Technology Communications and Electronics
  • SepElectrical
    Principal (4th) Masagoro Tsukino
  • AprElectrical
    Table tennis club wins All Japan Middle School Table Tennis Championships (Togo Flag moves from Aomori to Chukyo district).
    Facilities moved and newly constructed on an athletic site in Wakamizu, Chikusa-ku. (Total site area: 1,078 square meters)
    Day school classes start following their transfer to Wakamizu in Chikusa-ku.
    Shinsakae-machi school now exclusively used for night school classes.
  • DecElectrical
    Principal (5th) Shinji Wada
  • MayElectrical
    Principal (6th) Koji Goto
  • MarElectrical
    Shinsakae-machi building (night school) destroyed by bombing (March 12).
    Night school moved to the Wakamizu campus, classes resume.