Postwar development The History of Our Foundation

Postwar development1945–1954

Postwar development

The Goto Educational Foundation, precursor to the Nagoya Denki Educational Foundation, is established during Japan’s postwar recovery years.

  • Electrical
    Nagoya Training School of Electricity
  • Foundation
    Nagoya Denki Educational Foundation
  • High school
    Aichi Institute of Technology Meiden High School
  • Junior high school
    Aichi Institute of Technology Meiden Junior High School
  • Junior college
    Junior College of Aichi Institute of Technology
  • University
    Aichi Institute of Technology
  • Vocational college
    Aichi Institute of Technology Communications and Electronics
  • AprElectrical
    Principal (7th) Shinji Wada
  • AprJunior high school
    Foundation of Nagoya Junior High School of Electricity(three class, 150 students).
    Principal (1st) Shinji Wada
  • NovJunior high school
    Academic buildings expanded to accommodate junior high school facilities.
    Single-story wooden building added (three classrooms, 247 square meters).
  • OctJunior high school
    Nagoya Junior High School of Electricity renamed Meiden Junior High School.
  • FebFoundation
    Establishment of Goto Educational Foundation.
    Chairman (1st) Koji Goto
  • MarElectrical
    Academic buildings expanded.
    Single-story wooden building added (two classrooms, 132 square meters) plus a transformer room (28 square meters).
  • AprHigh school
    Foundation of Nagoya High School of Electricity.
    Core curriculum and electrical department (nine classes, 450 students) established, one-year program established to a separate department.
    Principal (1st) Koji Goto
  • AprJunior high school
    Principal (2nd) Koji Goto
  • AprElectrical
    Principal (8th) Koji Goto
  • DecElectrical
    Closure of Nagoya Electricity School.
  • DecHigh school
    Establishment of part-time programs and electrical department approved.
  • AprHigh school
    Establishment of extension curriculum and Electricity department.
  • MarFoundation
    Goto Educational Foundation renamed as Nagoya Denki Educational Foundation.
    Koji Goto appointed chairman.
  • AprHigh school
    New two-story wooden school building with tile roof constructed (402 m2).
    The Ministry of Education designates the school as a high school industrial education pilot school with the theme "streamlining the use of electricity in smaller workplaces".