Era of expansion The History of Our Foundation

Era of expansion1954–1974

Era of expansion

The Chubu region's first college of technology is established with the creation of a junior college, realizing the foundation’s cherished hope of offering an integrated secondary, high school, and college education.

  • Electrical
    Nagoya Training School of Electricity
  • Foundation
    Nagoya Denki Educational Foundation
  • High school
    Aichi Institute of Technology Meiden High School
  • Junior high school
    Aichi Institute of Technology Meiden Junior High School
  • Junior college
    Junior College of Aichi Institute of Technology
  • University
    Aichi Institute of Technology
  • Vocational college
    Aichi Institute of Technology Communications and Electronics
  • AprJunior college
    Establishment of Nagoya Junior College of Electrical Engineering offering evening courses (2-year Electrical Engineering course).
    President (1st) Yoshikazu Shimizu
  • AprJunior college
    Establishment of day-time Electrical Engineering Course (2-year course).
  • MayJunior college
    Commemorative ceremony for the opening of the college (main auditorium, April 22).
  • AprHigh school
    Information Network Department added to night school curriculum.
  • AprJunior college
    President (2nd) Koji Goto
  • AprUniversity
    Establishment of Nagoya Institute of Electricity; establishment of the Electrical Engineering Faculty.
    President (1st) Koji Goto
  • AprJunior college
    Electrical Department I stops accepting students with the opening of the Nagoya College of Electricity.
  • AprJunior high school
    Renamed as Nagoya Institute of Technology (Affiliated) Junior High School.
  • AprHigh school
    Mechanical engineering department established with both full-time and part-time programs.
  • SepHigh school
    The Isewan Typhoon strikes on September 26, students begin victim relief and reconstruction support activities.
  • AprHigh school
    Renamed as Nagoya Institute of Electricity High School.
    Principal (2nd) Kouichi Iwai
    Electronics and Communication department renamed Electronics department due changes in school rules.
  • AprUniversity
    School renamed as Aichi Institute of Technology.
    Establishment of the Electronics Engineering and Applied Chemistry departments.
  • AprJunior high school
    Renamed as Aichi Institute of Technology (Affiliated) Junior High School.
  • JunUniversity
    Opening ceremonies held at the Nagoya Denki Educational Foundation auditorium.
  • AprHigh school
    Regular curriculum added to night school classes.
  • AprUniversity
    Establishment of the Mechanical Engineering and Industrial and Management Engineering departments.
  • JunFoundation
    50th Anniversary of Foundation festivities held (Held in the Nagoya City Gymnasium in Kanayama on June 1).
  • AprHigh school
    Principal (3rd) Tokizo Takahashi
  • AprJunior college
    President (3rd) Kouichi Iwai
  • AprUniversity
    Commencement of evening school for the Electrical Engineering and Mechanical Engineering departments.
  • AprHigh school
    Principal (4th) Koji Goto
  • MayFoundation
    Chairman Koji Goto receives the Blue Ribbon Medal from the Government of Japan.
  • DecFoundation
    Relocation of the university to its current location in Yakusa begins.
  • AprUniversity
    Establishment of the Civil Engineering department.
  • JulJunior college
    Renamed as Junior College of Aichi Institute of Technology.
  • SepHigh school
    Principal (5th) Atsushi Goto
  • AprUniversity
    Establishment of the Master's course in Engineering; establishment of the major in Electrical Engineering, and Applied Chemistry.
  • OctUniversity
    Classes for first year of Electrical Engineering department start at Yachigusadai.
  • MarUniversity
    Construction of 2nd Student residence was finished (at Yachigusadai).
  • AprJunior high school
    Principal (4th) Hideo Hayashi
  • NovJunior high school
    Principal (5th) Hitoshi Kawamura
  • DecUniversity
    Construction of Administrative building was finished (at Yachigusadai).
  • JanUniversity
    Atsushi Goto appointed acting university president.
  • AprUniversity
    Establishment of the Architecture department.
  • AprJunior high school
    Principal (6th) Mikio Mitsuya
  • AprJunior college
    President of Junior College (4th) Hideo Takematsu.
  • JanFoundation
    University President Koji Goto travels to China for talks with Chou En Lai in the first stages of Ping-Pong Diplomacy.
  • AprJunior high school
    Principal (7th) Ken Sasaki
  • JanFoundation
    Foundation chairman and university president Koji Goto passes away (January 22). He is awarded the rank of Shoshii (Senior Fourth Rank) and the Second Class Order of the Sacred Treasure.
  • FebFoundation
    Joint funeral held for Koji Goto, former chairman of the Nagoya Denki Educational Foundation and the Japan Table Tennis Association (at Kakuozan Nittaiji on February 2).
    Atsushi Goto appointed 2nd Chairman.
  • FebUniversity
    President (2nd) Atsushi Goto
  • AprJunior high school
    Principal (8th) Masakazu Ukai
  • AprUniversity
    Establishment of the Master's course in Civil Engineering.
    Establishment of the major course of studies in Industrial and Management Engineering.