A Message from the Chairman of the Board

A Message from the Chairman of the Board

A Message from the Chairman

Nagoya Denki Educational Foundation Chairman, President Yasuyuki Goto

Nagoya Denki Educational Foundation

Yasuyuki Goto

The Nagoya Denki Educational Foundation got its start in 1912, when it was opened as the Nagoya Training School of Electricity (renamed the Nagoya Electricity School shortly thereafter) for the purpose of training engineers in the city. The school’s founder, Takasaburou Goto, predicted early on that Japan was on the road to modernization and that electricity, as a critical component of industry, would be the power source needed to drive the nation forward.

Japan’s educational system was restructured following World War II, and the Nagoya Electricity School was made into a high school under the new framework. In 1954, the Nagoya Junior College of Electricity was established, while in 1959 the Chubu region's first college of technology was established as the junior college evolved into the Nagoya College of Electricity. (It was quickly renamed the Aichi Institute of Technology the following year.) As the number of departments increased, the school was gradually moved from its Wakamizu Campus in the Chikusa area of Nagoya to a new campus the vast, hilly Yakusa district of Toyota city. The school continues to grow as its facilities and programs are enhanced year after year. Today, the Nagoya Denki Educational Foundation is a rich, well-appointed organization boasting three schools, two university doctoral programs, a variety of research institutions, and more. The Wakamizu Campus is now the coeducational Institute of Technology Meiden High School offering both general and specialist courses. This school joins the Aichi Institute of Technology Meiden Junior High School and the Aichi Institute of Technology Communications and Electronics (founded in 1992 at the request of Toyota city) to create a four-institution network centered on the Aichi Institute of Technology—one that is overseen by our engineering-driven foundation and one that continues to evolve and grow.

The Nagoya Denki Educational Foundation has now turned out over 120,000 graduates who have taken up an important role in society, driving the ongoing development of their local communities as well as that of Japan as a whole. It is often said that our nation, lacking abundant natural resources, must rely on its technological achievements in order to thrive. Every member of our organization works together to educate professionals who are well-trained in monozukuri, the art and science of Japanese craftsmanship, and who are at the same time imbued with rich creativity and depth of character. We look forward to ongoing support and guidance from all of our valued partners who make this important work possible.