The History of Our Foundation

The History of Our Foundation

  • The early years1912–1925

    The early years

    Professor Takasaburou Goto establishes the first school of electricity in the Chubu region to meet Japan’s growing need for electrical engineers.

  • Laying the groundwork1925–1945

    Laying the groundwork

    Takasaburou’s son Koji builds a school in Wakamizu, laying the foundation for a superior learning environment.

  • Postwar development1945–1954

    Postwar development

    The Goto Educational Foundation, precursor to the Nagoya Denki Educational Foundation, is established during Japan’s postwar recovery years.

  • Era of expansion1954–1974

    Era of expansion

    The Chubu region's first college of technology is established with the creation of a junior college, realizing the foundation’s cherished hope of offering an integrated secondary, high school, and college education.

  • Era of enrichment1974–1988

    Era of enrichment

    The Yakusa Campus is expanded and enhanced along with foreign exchange programs, resulting in a truly global university.

  • Era of forward progress1989–present

    Era of forward progress

    Doctorate programs are added to the graduate school and a vocational college designed to train IT specialists is established.